30 June 2022


So we say the vacation starts tomorrow? That feels so good as if I already had a vacation.

29 June 2022


Is it july in two days? This agenda must be in another time dimension. Or I am…

24 June 2022


Okay, we more or less have all the ingredients to sort of follow the recipe. Perfect!

22 June 2022


I have a crappy day, but it’s alright because I’m not a mayfly.

21 June 2022


Today I’m not doing anything ‘just quickly’ but everything nice and long because it’s after all the longest day and I'm staying up really long.

17 June 2022


Why do I have a freezer if I don't even put ice cream in it?

16 June 2022


Here I can always easily pretend I’m in a different country.

15 June 2022

14 June 2022

13 June 2022



I’m most curious to find out what this appeared to be good for in hindsight.

10 June 2022


O, I found a cookbook where everything seems delicious to me. Really everything!

8 June 2022


Yeah right, as soon as I have the thing there’s no fly to be seen.

7 June 2022


Sometimes you do something of which you then wonder: Why? Or am I the only one in that?

6 June 2022


I was sure I could go without a list. Now I'm sure I forgot something… Anyhow I'm know things for sure.

2 June 2022