13 May 2021


Yes little strawberry, we’re going to have a delicious summer.

11 May 2021



I still don't know what new normal exactly is.
Maybe that's because I never really knew what the old normal was.

7 May 2021



What do you reckon? 1 or 2 shedding seasons and we can fill another large beanbag!

6 May 2021

4 May 2021



With having more freedom again I notice that the restrictions
actually gave me a freedom to think different.

3 May 2021


This is a beautiful place for deep thoughts, if I had a place for that in my head.

30 April 2021



Aaah... I was going to do this a few hours ago, but there still were all these things to quickly do first.

28 April 2021



Ha, I’m so sharp and witty when having a conversation in my head.

27 April 2021



Koningsdag 2021.
Eentje van vorig jaar. Als je zo modern en bewust bent als Os en Jo,
is hergebruik heel vanzelfsprekend.

26 April 2021



Pitty, the nice little carafe also fails to take out the cheap bottle flavour.