29 November 2022


I think I’ve been brainwashed by the shops ‘cause I crave pepernoten.

25 November 2022


Black Friday .... Laten we zeggen dat het een uitdaging is waarbij je zelf iets maakt met zwart.
Black Friday…. Let’s say it’s a challenge where you create something yourself with black.

24 November 2022


4 am feels like night. 5 am seems more like morning. What do I do if it’s halfpast 4?

23 November 2022

22 November 2022


When I think of all the things I’m thinking about simultaniously, I can’t think so good anymore

18 November 2022


A moment ago this was an empty sheet, now we’re in a wood! I love this.

17 November 2022


Hey, I can also do something completely different than that which I don’t even give a thought.

16 November 2022


I moved it to an even better place a couple of times so I know it is somewhere…

14 November 2022

10 November 2022