28 May 2020


What did I actually do today?
What does it matter anyway, I've got a good feeling about it.

27 May 2020


I'm not done yet, but right now I'm totally done with it. With everything. There.

26 May 2020

25 May 2020


Salted crisps with paté royal dip. Nice when I know exactly what I crave.
Pity it's something no good and grose-ish again.

22 May 2020


Just playing around outside for a few days feels like a few weeks of vacation.

19 May 2020


In itself one and a half meters is pretty close. But sometimes it feels very far.

18 May 2020


I still have to do exercise this weekend, but it's already Monday.

15 May 2020


Right, I'm finally in. Now I'm definitely going to take my time, nice and easy and really long.

14 May 2020


Yes, today I've got it: the ideal comfortable-scarf-fresh-air-balance for a good walk.

13 May 2020


So with chocolate you would be happier right now?
Then we just have to, purely out of scientific interest of course, get some chocolate.