6 December 2019


Chocolate letters, pepernoten, marzipan, taaitaai and of course speculaas.
We stock up good because this whole weekend it still is Sinterklaas.

5 December 2019


Warm feet and a woodfire. A lovely evening, what more could one desire?

4 December 2019


Will Sintercoffee be back for an encore?
That hot-cofee-melting-chocpepernoot combo strongly asks for more.

3 December 2019


Hurray for lost and found, this scarf is much better than the one I had.

2 December 2019

29 November 2019


O, so black friday has nothing to do with turning everything off and being extra energy aware? What's the point then?

28 November 2019


Good thing a chocolate letter is always in capital, otherwise it would be just a bit to small.

27 November 2019


Drink straight from the carton,
because I just got all the dishes done and don't want to make anything dirty.

26 November 2019


NIce how you extra appreciate something when you've waited for it a long time.
Except that cold delivery pizza.