30 April 2021



Aaah... I was going to do this a few hours ago, but there still were all these things to quickly do first.

28 April 2021



Ha, I’m so sharp and witty when having a conversation in my head.

27 April 2021



Koningsdag 2021.
Eentje van vorig jaar. Als je zo modern en bewust bent als Os en Jo,
is hergebruik heel vanzelfsprekend.

26 April 2021



Pitty, the nice little carafe also fails to take out the cheap bottle flavour.

16 April 2021



 Maybe I like it a bit to much, I'm starting to think I need warm chocolat every day.

15 April 2021



No. I can't do it. I can't enjoy nature with this carrotchewing of yours.

14 April 2021



Hegh! Computer needs updates, all the coffee is finished and nowhere a normal pen to be found.

13 April 2021



Sometimes I think I'm to much in my own world.
But hey, in my world no one has a problem with that.

9 April 2021



A bit further? Then we’re okay to have some extra cheese and a drink later.

8 April 2021



I completely forgot the time!
Oh well, isn't that actually the best reason to miss a meditation lesson?

7 April 2021



Hegh, forgot to take a before-photo again... That makes the after-photo seem far from impressive.

6 April 2021



Snow always has something special.
Now I find it especially stupid, didn't summer just start last week?

5 April 2021



I know it's supposed to be a surprise, but it's a chocolate surprise egg right?

1 April 2021



There. Now all I need is everything that is actually on my list.