16 April 2021



 Maybe I like it a bit to much, I'm starting to think I need warm chocolat every day.

15 April 2021



No. I can't do it. I can't enjoy nature with this carrotchewing of yours.

14 April 2021



Hegh! Computer needs updates, all the coffee is finished and nowhere a normal pen to be found.

13 April 2021



Sometimes I think I'm to much in my own world.
But hey, in my world no one has a problem with that.

9 April 2021



A bit further? Then we’re okay to have some extra cheese and a drink later.

8 April 2021



I completely forgot the time!
Oh well, isn't that actually the best reason to miss a meditation lesson?

7 April 2021



Hegh, forgot to take a before-photo again... That makes the after-photo seem far from impressive.

6 April 2021



Snow always has something special.
Now I find it especially stupid, didn't summer just start last week?

5 April 2021



I know it's supposed to be a surprise, but it's a chocolate surprise egg right?

1 April 2021



There. Now all I need is everything that is actually on my list.