30 November 2021


Gee… I amaze myself sometimes: I would like to go to a Christmas market.

29 November 2021

26 November 2021


Black Friday is merely to make you buy stuff you don’t need, isn’t it. Or does this make me a conspiracy thinker?

24 November 2021


Hihi yeah, you’re right; precisely this sofa hang suits that I’m-kind-of-lost-right-now feeling.

23 November 2021

22 November 2021


Yes. I sometimes worry about the world… But also sometimes about if I didn't cut my toenails too short.

18 November 2021


I discovered there are lots of awesome books on the shelf just sitting there.

17 November 2021


When you do an internet-fast, I guess you’re also not supposed to google on how good internet-fasting actually is.

15 November 2021


You don’t notice it much when it piles up so gradually, until it gets to much.

10 November 2021


Now I see this one, that other stone was actually very beautiful…

9 November 2021

5 November 2021


I feel the urge to do something rebellious. Something more than that extra scoop of sugar in my coffee.

4 November 2021


O, apparently I walked this far again without really being present.

3 November 2021


I’m not going to watch the news. I’m going into my blanket tent with a thick book.