30 April 2020

29 April 2020


Do you also feel like we're always doing this unspoken competition
and then the one who eventually turns the heating on is a wimp?

28 April 2020

24 April 2020


Yes relax, I'm staying home this weekend and pretend as if that was already my plan.

23 April 2020


Am I a danger to society?
I've been in at least three shops and everywhere I grabbed several things I then put back again.

22 April 2020


Huh, this staying home thing... I want to have some action again!
I will right now go and watch an action film. There.

21 April 2020


'I'm having the time of my life.' Silly how you always seem to say that about something temporary.

20 April 2020


Wow, a whole new world is opening up to me now I'm also into the too-much-hassle recipies.

17 April 2020


Super clean and neat was apparently a fase. I still believe in a healthy and fit fase. At some time.

16 April 2020


Even if my self invented workouts are really too easy and too short,
I am being sporty and creative in one go here.

15 April 2020


With all the staying in, one could easily forget beautiful outbreaks also still exist.

14 April 2020


I get up real late and go to bed real early. I secretly am doing vacation-ish.

13 April 2020


Mmmm lovely Easter breakfast.
Although it did have a little something of an antibacterial soap taste.