30 March 2020


I'm hoping this will still take a while, because so far I haven't had a chance to be bored. 

27 March 2020


Escape. In some film. With multiple parts. Are there any chocolate eggs left?

26 March 2020

25 March 2020


I found it stupid that it was so busy in the park. I saw that when I was in the park.

24 March 2020


I better also get a bit too much vegetables and toilet paper,
otherwise it seems like I only went for chocolate eggs.

20 March 2020


Every day like a boring, quiet Sunday;
that has to lead to an outbreak of genius creativity, right?

19 March 2020


When you are on pause you suddenly notice live just goes on.

18 March 2020


Imagine you're a hamster now who just wants to do some groceries.

13 March 2020


I walk neatly on the path because this is that kind of neat nature where there are dog turds.

12 March 2020


Hang on, I could also do something special for once
and make an ordinary sandwich with butter and peanut butter.

11 March 2020


O, right... just now I actually heared that you said you took the last one a minute ago.

10 March 2020


Well, crap weather; don't you also get this feeling you stop by a bit too often?

9 March 2020


It's likely I'll have this finished earlier.
But I'm not going to say so, then later it's even better that it's suddenly already finished.

6 March 2020


Whoei! When suddenly a spring wave surges through your body.

4 March 2020


Glad I stayed afterall, that end credits sequence was awesome!

2 March 2020