26 June 2019


Fresh, 20 degrees... I was just getting a bit into that calm clammy rhythm.

24 June 2019


Typing all these messages takes loads of time, talking would be way easier.
Didn't this thing have a phone function?

21 June 2019


O, quick! I feel this is a moment I could maybe look good in a photo for once.

20 June 2019


Beautiful isn't it, growth. It automatically makes me whisper.

19 June 2019


There's change in the air; I think today instead of a pear I will have an apple.

17 June 2019

14 June 2019


If I would see us now sitting here, I would really want to do this as well.

13 June 2019


Are you also... O yeah, you're also snug in your own cocoon.

12 June 2019

11 June 2019


I still don't know how exactly I start something, although I often did start something.

10 June 2019


I want to read a book that gives me new eyes for something again.

7 June 2019


Has that building always been there? Was there a tree in front of it? What kind of tree was it then?
I do come here very often, don't I?

4 June 2019

3 June 2019


I'm also not thinking anymore... So we can go back about now.