vrijdag 28 juli 2017


In itself it never really matters to me what day it is, yet on Friday I mostly do feel a sort of nicer.

donderdag 27 juli 2017


When you're sure something fits, but then it turns out you're completely mistaken.

woensdag 26 juli 2017


I can also play don't-say-EUH like that, you just don't say anything.

dinsdag 25 juli 2017


It's never proven useful, but afterwards I can often say I already had this premonition.

maandag 24 juli 2017


There. An empty, cleaned up desktop again. That looks professional.

vrijdag 21 juli 2017


Ah come on, it's Friday afternoon; just do an old drawing with a different text. Nobody will notice.

donderdag 20 juli 2017


Can you imagine I sometimes really can't imagine how you think?

woensdag 19 juli 2017


Wow! That moment when the taps in your mouth suddenly go full out.

dinsdag 18 juli 2017


One hundred seventy si... no, seventy seven? Huh, that's the fifth time! Or sixth...

maandag 17 juli 2017


The way my thoughts move along while I move along is always so pleasing.

vrijdag 14 juli 2017


Ooh... in my memory this became far more delicious than it actually is.

maandag 10 juli 2017


Finished... And I so very much intended to this time really take a moment outside in the sun for it.

vrijdag 7 juli 2017


I think it's actually a little pretentious to find something pretentious.

donderdag 6 juli 2017


Good thing I did get that XL chocolate fudge brownie ice cream profit pack.
Now I have the perfect division for my groceries workout.

woensdag 5 juli 2017


It's probably very weird, but I sometimes feel sort of invisible.

dinsdag 4 juli 2017


Ooh I was looking for a carton of milk, so I didn't see that bottle at all.

maandag 3 juli 2017


So all the picknick snacks are finished... now we'll just enjoy nature.

vrijdag 30 juni 2017


I'm practicing my interesting intelligent posture
so I don't have to act as if I need to do something on my phone in awkward situations.

donderdag 29 juni 2017


I'm actually doing lot's of very difficult stretches extra
to be able to see what's the next stretching exercise.

woensdag 28 juni 2017

dinsdag 27 juni 2017


I have to get fruit quickly! Now's the time to eat strawberries and cherries and all,
I could already have missed out big time!

maandag 26 juni 2017


This weekend I really did some hardcore relaxing, so I still have to recover a bit.

vrijdag 23 juni 2017


Descaling is one of those stupid things I exactly don't do often enough to remember how it goes.

woensdag 21 juni 2017


This isn't excessive at all. it's just a usual part of the tropical schedule.

dinsdag 20 juni 2017


In this relaxed vacation pace I'm not really making any progress.
But with my relaxed vacation head I don't really care.

maandag 19 juni 2017


I'm almost to embarrassed to say... I miss my all-inclusive bracelet a bit.d

vrijdag 9 juni 2017


Funny right? Because you mntioned vacation yesterday, we're now off on a last minute for a week!

donderdag 8 juni 2017


When I walk here I always think: I don't need to go on vacation.

woensdag 7 juni 2017


Yes, I have a blanket. And the heating on. And hot chocolate. And I don't think it's overdone.

maandag 5 juni 2017


I'm hoping for that moment when I finish this thing,
which I've been dreading the whole time, hup just like that.

vrijdag 2 juni 2017


Oh hihi, I immediately start to walk faster now we've decided what delicious weekend things
we're going to get.

donderdag 1 juni 2017

woensdag 31 mei 2017

dinsdag 30 mei 2017


I almost have a good idea... But it's like one of those spots in your eye: I just can't really see it.

maandag 29 mei 2017


I hope tonight it's going to rain and thunder real hard. When I'm inside.

donderdag 25 mei 2017


If only I knew last week I would now suddenly have a craving for the kind of fruit
that still needs to sit for a week when bought.


Okay. If you go, I'm still not going.

dinsdag 23 mei 2017


I don't have to also do something on my phone. I'm now drinking tea. I only do just that.

maandag 22 mei 2017


Can I come up with something work-related why I would really have to go outside right now?

vrijdag 19 mei 2017


Mmmm... My latest discovery is drinking coffee because I truly enjoy it.

donderdag 18 mei 2017


What? Or didn't you say something? It seemed like you said something. I didn't say anything either.

woensdag 17 mei 2017


I function better in warmer weather. That's when I become really good at loafing.

maandag 15 mei 2017


Hm... I don't really have a view on the future, so I can't say now if I'm available tomorrow.