31 March 2022


I say ‘cosy, snow.’ But I actually think ‘yuk, snow.’

30 March 2022


I have an idea… Hang on, first I look at it with myself one more time before saying it out loud.

29 March 2022


O it’s Tuesday? That’s why I got those funny looks in the store when I said ‘have a nice weekend’.

28 March 2022


Why do I make it so full and then think I can do this without spilling?

24 March 2022


It seems like you're always supposed to do ‘something useful’… Hey, so what? I'll decide for myself what ‘something useful’ means thank you very much.

23 March 2022


I’m so glad it’s spring, I even think this mosquito cloud is beautiful.

21 March 2022


No, I just don’t see it… I must be in a different fequency.

18 March 2022

17 March 2022


I've been looking forward to this: at the end of the day feel the sun glow on my face..

16 March 2022


If I take the time that burning liquid tastes like nice warm coffee.

15 March 2022


O, this bill is quite a surprise. I recently claimed I like surprises…

10 March 2022

8 March 2022


O right, that stickiness here. Shall I cover it with something again or at last actually clean it?

7 March 2022


Brrr… I'm going to sit in the sun inside and pretend it’s spring.

4 March 2022


Ha, I’m going to say more often I make the day something beautiful , this week just went smoothly into the weekend.

1 March 2022


Sometimes I’m an airhead, I think because there’s everything but air in my head.