30 August 2021


Hey, hang on… If I’m a bit nicer to myself this wasn’t a shitty day at all.

27 August 2021


I’m making a cake because it’s the weekend. And I secretly love to lick out the mixing bowl.

26 August 2021


Huh? O… I fell asleep a bit while reading about living a full and meaningful life.

24 August 2021


‘Should I have bought that teapot at the garage sale?’ Is that really what’s keeps me up at night in this world?

23 August 2021


I overslept, lost my phone and there’s no coffeee. Yeah, I’m totally ready to get started.

20 August 2021


Are you also eating faster because we have such a nice dessert waiting?

18 August 2021


It stopped raining… Go outside or make a small drawing first?

14 August 2021



I want to know what time it is to see how far off my sense of time is.

12 August 2021

5 August 2021

2 August 2021


Well, coffee circles are still less embarrassing than wine circles on zan important official form.