27 May 2021



I'm going to say it out loud, that makes it real: It's finally spring!

19 May 2021



The climate is so weird I want to turn the heating on with which I contribute to a weirder climate...

13 May 2021


Yes little strawberry, we’re going to have a delicious summer.

11 May 2021



I still don't know what new normal exactly is.
Maybe that's because I never really knew what the old normal was.

7 May 2021



What do you reckon? 1 or 2 shedding seasons and we can fill another large beanbag!

6 May 2021

4 May 2021



With having more freedom again I notice that the restrictions
actually gave me a freedom to think different.

3 May 2021


This is a beautiful place for deep thoughts, if I had a place for that in my head.