31 January 2020


This seat is fine, really.
Why did I say that? This feels very stupid and I can't reach the cookies.

30 January 2020

29 January 2020


This is a yoga pose. It's called do-nothing cat. And I can keep it up for a long time.

28 January 2020


Huh, one of those days I forgot something for the third time alredy...
Does give me extra activity, though.

27 January 2020


Especially the Monday coffee deserves the attention as if it's a relaxed Sunday morning.

24 January 2020


The cut out is a bit weird, but otherwise it couldn't fit this frame.

23 January 2020


Ehm, food tomorrow... Is there anything in your head/food/recipies?
Preferably from the folder /TRULYdelicious?

22 January 2020


When I'm still inside next to the heater, I most often think not.
But as soon as I do go outside, it always turns out to be a good idea.

21 January 2020


I can do without coffee. My addiction is this moment: When suddenly, a while after you finished it, that warmth flows through you.

20 January 2020


O right, exercise...  I'm carying a big heavy book and walk all the way to bed with it. There.