29 November 2019


O, so black friday has nothing to do with turning everything off and being extra energy aware? What's the point then?

28 November 2019


Good thing a chocolate letter is always in capital, otherwise it would be just a bit to small.

27 November 2019


Drink straight from the carton,
because I just got all the dishes done and don't want to make anything dirty.

26 November 2019


NIce how you extra appreciate something when you've waited for it a long time.
Except that cold delivery pizza.

22 November 2019


Are we here? Heh, funny. Then it wasn't actually a shortcut at all.

21 November 2019


Do you also get the impression being healthy is more difficult around this time of year?

19 November 2019


Hey, when are you going to grab some again?
So I can get the feeling it's okay if I also grab some more.

15 November 2019


I'm a little embarrassed to say... But I suddenly feel like some Christmassy ambiance
with lights, Christmas music and nice snacks an all.

14 November 2019


Okay. I'm really getting up now. I'll turn on the heating and go back in until it's warm enough.

13 November 2019

12 November 2019


I want to make something very spontaneous, but now I accidentally already gave it thought. 

11 November 2019


We better try that speculaas now;
If it's not so good we can still get somethng else and if it's really good we can get more.

7 November 2019


It's better to eat less while working on the computer.
Or I'll  have to clean my computer more often.

6 November 2019

5 November 2019


Shit! Didn't I have plans? Now I'm already in the middle of the  flopping-on-the-sofa move...

4 November 2019


You took your coffee with you, when you went looking for your phone.