30 August 2019


You see? Up this close it's like VR, so you also have to move your head.

29 August 2019


I want... Yes, what actually do I want? Do you know what you want?

28 August 2019


Finally! I don't have that one annoying song, which I absolutely will not think about right now,
in my head anymore!

27 August 2019


I'm so healthy; it's apparently very wise to eat something salty in warm weather.

26 August 2019


Of course it's between my ears, but I do think my new favorite mug really makes the coffee tastier.

23 August 2019

22 August 2019


Quickly get groceries and then quickly eat something. If I quickly do dishes straight away I can just quickly... Quickly? I quickly need to stop saying that!

21 August 2019


Hey, are you also working on something that requires a lot of headspace at the moment?

20 August 2019


A bit of joyful fluttering because it's still summer after all.

19 August 2019


I'm sitting in a way to strained position. But I'm in a way to good a flow to reposition. 

16 August 2019


Ha weekend! The weekly mini vacation when it isn't vacation.

15 August 2019


Since we're doing 'who looks the most bored' I'm actually not bored anymore.

14 August 2019


On my super deluxe hightech smart screen I preferably look at nature pictures.

13 August 2019


I'm solely occupied with my own thoughts. Is that mindful or selfish?

12 August 2019