donderdag 29 december 2016


If I want to change something, I just do it right away. So I merrily enter the new year resolutions free.

woensdag 28 december 2016

dinsdag 27 december 2016


December is always the most pudgy month anyhow, so you might as well go all the way with it.

donderdag 22 december 2016


Okay, we're doing that thing again when the one who is tempted
and gets something that's not on the list, pays for he groceries, right?

woensdag 21 december 2016


I think all the fuss around the holidays is a bit overdone. But still... cozy, isn't it?

dinsdag 20 december 2016


I've created nothing because it had to instantly be something super extraordinary.

maandag 19 december 2016


Huh... It's one of those days when everything feels
the wrong way around, inside out, up side down.

vrijdag 16 december 2016


Nothing wrong with occasionally having fries.
Oh, I now think I've already said this once this week...

donderdag 15 december 2016


Sometimes I worry that maybe I don't worry enough about things.

dinsdag 13 december 2016


Getting rid of stuff is hot. So I can find lots of nice stuff in the thrift shop.

maandag 12 december 2016

vrijdag 9 december 2016